Thought of the Week: Ki Savo - 5777


At the end of last week's Parsha, the Torah commands us to remember the evil deeds and corrupt philosophy of Amalek.  This week's Parsha opens with the Mitzvah of the First Fruit, where farmers are to take the first ripened fruit to the Beit Hamikdash and express their gratitude to Hashem.

The Midrash notes that the core flaw of the nation of Amalek was their rejection of Hashem's providence over the world.  For them, all existence, and subsequent events, were random.  For Amalek the Jewish People and their message was an anathema.  Thus, they became the carriers of Jew-hatred.

When a person views all of existence as the result of chance, there is no place for appreciation.  On the other hand, the Children of Israel who study Torah and History, understand that human existence and Jewish survival is only because of the Higher Being.  Consequently, we are obliged to show our gratitude to Hashem for our past and present.

By bringing the First Fruit, the Bikurim, we make a declaration of gratitude and do our part in erasing the false view of Amalek from human consciousness.

Shabbat Shalom,