Thought of the Week: Pesach - 5781


Pesach is the time we celebrate our journey from slavery to freedom.  Although throughout the ages philosophers have struggled with the precise definition of freedom, for the Torah Jew freedom is to do and live by what one’s true essence desires.  For us, that desire is to be a servant of Hashem.  A true servant performs tasks for the Master without questioning and without wondering why in the past it was done differently.

This Pesach we have an opportunity to be perfect servants.  Our task is to find a way to appreciate and be happy on this Yom Tov, despite all that is taking place around us in the world.  This year, our mission is not to get rid of the crumb of Chametz (an insignificant crumb that is nullified on its own), but rather to find a way to appreciate truly, what our tradition is about.

We must continue in prayer for the many that need it, but at the same time let us be loyal servants to the most worthy Master.

Shabbat Shalom- Chag Sameach