Thought of the Week: Achrei-Kedoshim - 5773


"You shall therefore keep my statutes, and my judgments: which if a man does, he shall live in them: I am Hashem."------Vayikra 18:5

    In this Pasuk we find one of the most important teachings of our faith; to live with the words of Torah.

    Often a spiritual system that addresses the needs and requirements of a non physical entity known as a soul, leads the believer to neglect basic corporeal needs. When all laws and teachings focus exclusively on the soul, the physical is viewed as secondary. 

    The Torah is commanding us to "live by them." We are obligated to take care of our needs and health and understand that doing so is a Mitzvah as well!

    The Midrash shares with us the story of Hillel the Elder. One day after class he told his students that he was on his way to perform a Mitzvah. "What mitzvah is are you going to do?" asked the disciples. "I'm going to the bath house to clean my body. Since Humans are created in the image of Hashem it is a great Mitzvah to take care of our bodies!”

    Taking care of ourselves, physically and mentally, is indeed an important part in our service of Hashem.

                Shabbat Shalom