Thought of the Week: Shemot - 5773

Recently, due to horrific gun violence in schools south of the border, the crucial issue of gun control is (again) debated by politicians, the media and many good people as well.

It has been noted by some that in the United States, gun ownership is viewed as a right while in other countries it is considered a privilege. Consequently it is much harder to regulate a right than regulating a privilege.

In Pareshat Shemot the Children of Israel turn into a nation. Unfortunately this significant event took place in a brutal environment of enslavement. In essence the Jewish People came into existence without freedom. Eventually the Almighty freed us from the bondage. However it is incumbent on us to remember on a daily basis that our freedom is not a “right” but rather a privilege. This is achieved by fulfilling the daily mitzvah of Zechirat Yetziat Mitzrayim -remembering the exodus from Egypt.

Shabbat Shalom