Thought of the Week: Toldos - 5775

We walk into our Beit Hakneset this Shabbat with great pain and agony over the massacre in Yerushalaim. Four holy Jews, in the midst of their conversation with Hashem, were butchered by a pair of barbaric terrorists. The images we saw this week, remind us of old photos from the 1929 Hebron Massacre. We mourn as well for the life of Zidan Saif the brave Druse policeman who died of a gunshot wound suffered at the scene of the terror attack. We pray to Hashem for the recovery of the wounded.(One of them was a congregant in Memphis). 

Our response to such an event must be with positive actions. As we encourage the leaders of the state of Israel to do all that is necessary to uproot terrorism and protect all the dwellers of Eretz Yisrael, it is incumbent upon us as well to do our part in the realm of spirituality. 

The synagogue in Har Nof that was attacked carries the same beautiful name as we do; Bnai Torah. I have no doubt that the Teffilah on this Shabbat in Bnai Torah Yerushalaim will be  very genuine and heartfelt. I hope we can do the same at Bnai Torah Toronto.

May we only hear good news.

Shabbat Shalom