Thought of the Week: Purim - 5773


    A recent study published by the Earth Institute found that the Danish are the happiest people on the planet. No, not the people that eat danishes, rather the nation of Denmark. Psychologist and economist believe that that the root of their happiness is due to their welcoming nature and the fact that they enjoy socializing.

    The Talmud teaches that Purim is a day of unity and acceptance. The investigating that we traditionally do before giving funds to the needy, is bypassed on Purim.  In addition; in other areas of Halacha we consider a person to be a member of the community after a month, and in some cases a year. On Purim on the other hand, we consider the foreigner to be part of the community immediately. (Paruz ben Yomo).

    On Purim we welcome all and enjoy the socializing and thus become Danish. In addition by reading the Megillah and recognizing that nothing is random and that Hashem is with the Children of Israel at all times, we can be confident and optimistic, coupled with our happiness, that good times are waiting for our nation in the future.

                Shabbat Shalom and Purim Sameach