Thought of the Week: Shavuos - 5779


For many, Shavuot is seen as the holiday of cheesecake.  Several explanations are given as to why we have the practice of eating dairy on this special day.

One commentator notes that on Shavuot, as we celebrate the receiving of the Torah, we consume products made of milk, since the Torah is compared to it.  Although most of us devour products from cow’s milk, symbolically, we should view the Torah as milk nursed by an infant.

When a baby nurses, the mother is providing more than just food and nutrition for the child's survival - it is creating a bond.  Torah as well is more than just a book of laws and regulations to live by; it is a text that bonds us to our creator.

As we get together this Chag and enjoy the traditional foods, we should be mindful of what they represent, and be grateful for being part of a tradition that links us to the sublime.

Shabbat Shalom & Chag Sameach