Thought of the Week: Shelach - 5774


In Pareshat Shelach we read about the unfortunate report brought back to children of Israel by the spies.

They informed the people that to conquer the land of Israel they will be battling giants. For a nation of former slaves the negative report was overwhelming. Consequently they panicked.

Yehoshua and Kalev responded to the concern by stating "If Hashem desires us he will bring us to the land that flows with milk and honey."

The two righteous spies were trying to convey two messages to the people; that you must have faith in Hashem, and that you must have an open eye to see the good of the land.

What is being taught, to future generations as well, is to always be mindful of these prerequisites for a complete physical and spiritual return to Eretz Yisrael.

We must indeed have faith in Hashem to protect us in our homeland, but at the same time we should always keep our eyes open to see-and talk- about the good of the land.

Shabbat Shalom